Working From Home With Patient Health Information?Myson L. Joseph, MHA/INF, RHIA
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I could not help laughing at myself in this one recording about: Are you working from home with patient health information? I mean it’s not that bad! I just could not find a couple words. I mean not many; then, some of my words weren’t clear, not all of them! I mean I love the content, just a couple words are off! It’s more than a couple? Okay, y’all stop playing. It’s not that many. What happened to the video? You got to ask for this one. I can’t just release it like that. It’s on demand!

HIPAA Basic Key TermsMyson L. Joseph, MHA/INF, RHIA
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This time around, i am not so bad! I mean, if i keep trying, one day i might sound like a news reporter. I could see what i was aiming at. I gave myself credit for trying these recordings. It's good stuff, with one or two grammatical errors. Also, when i said: "if it at least has one data", i meant one identifier, for the record, okay! Because I am not about to record this again, y'all. Wait, I meant for your record; anyway, that track up there, is my record. It's not like i am going to release it to everybody on the internet. I just wish i did not sound like a frog, sometimes.

Incidental Uses and DisclosuresMyson L. Joseph, MHA/INF, RHIA
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